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7 of the Best Recipes and Texas Foods for Halloween Weekend

7 of the Best Recipes and Texas Foods for Halloween Weekend

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With Halloween on the 31st of October and Día de Los Muertos following right after, it is a full 3 days of feast and frolic. Traditional Halloween foods in Texas always have a hint of Tex-Mex in them and no Halloween dinner can be complete without it. To make your celebratory weekend more special, we have lined up the 7 best Halloween meals for 2021!

Texan Chili 

Chili nights have been a Halloween custom in my household, where we host friends taking turns to devour each other’s variations of Chili and chill. What I love about this dish is that I can leave it simmering on the stovetop, and guests can serve themselves.

Though we all have our own versions, the original Chili did not contain many of the modern ingredients, which may stir a debate of sorts. However, this perfect traditional Halloween recipe of Chili is just what you need to gear up for Trick or Treat. Alternatively, make chili in a Crock-Pot and you will come home to a soulful supper after a busy night of celebrating.

Whole Wheat Empanadas

So versatile, the empanadas are a must-have traditional Halloween snack that makes an appearance on Dia de Los Muertos dining tables almost always. You can fill them up with sweet, savory, or meaty fillings and the best part is that they can be made by the dozens at one preparation. I add a sweet pumpkin filling to half of the batch and a savory chicken filling for the rest. I have even handed them out to the trick ‘o’ treaters, and I won’t lie; they are not usually very happy about it! To add a healthier touch, these empanadas are made from a dough of whole wheat and semolina. The filling can really be anything you fancy, but this time, I am adding a mix of chicken, cheese, and bell peppers.

Traditional Halloween Beef Enchiladas with Homemade sauce

Bloody, oozy, and all things gooey; is how I describe these Enchiladas. The combination of gruesome red-orange and icky yellow and the fact that these can feed a crowd makes it one of the best choices for a traditional Halloween dinner. These beef enchiladas are super simple to make on the same day if you only have the sauce ready. The sauce, I prepare a day in advance, as it freezes quite well and can be used in more than one dish. The tomato passata used in the sauce is basically tomato puree, triple diluted. A large can of tomato puree will do perfectly, just add enough water so it’s the right consistency.

For really well-melting cheese, and that spooky visual effect, use a mix of Queso Chihuahua and classic Cheddar. Piping hot, tangy and satisfying, this traditional Halloween enchilada recipe is not to be missed!

Seasonal Quesadillas

No, I am not going to give you another Jack o Lantern Quesadilla recipe, but a more filling and scrumptious one. To make it better, this quesadilla features plenty of seasonal produce like bell peppers, corn, onions & mushrooms. Additionally, you can customize these traditional Halloween foods with chopped olives, and other fermented veggies. The secret behind getting a crisp tortilla is to make sure you stir fry the vegetables at high heat, so no moisture remains. For the cheese again, use any kind with a nice melt. Serve hot and enjoy!

Traditional Halloween Dips

There can never be enough dips at a party. Especially when it is Halloween. Whether you dip your nachos into guacamole or top up your taco with a refried bean dip, these side dishes are the highlights of any meal. The best feature about dips is that you can use them in a number of different ways and add that extra dimension to your dishes. Two immensely popular dips for this season are:


Definitely takes the first spot on the list. A guac can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. For keeping things light and letting the flavors shine through, I love this classic guacamole recipe by Benjamin. A classic take indeed, it never fails to shine.

Refried Bean Dip

Another traditional Halloween favorite is the refried bean dip. Opt for pinto beans, as they give a lovely buttery texture. Fresh cilantro livens up the dish and that squeeze of lemon juice just brings it all together. This recipe for refried bean dip is way more enhanced than store-bought refried beans, so be sure to try it!

Turkey, Brie and Peach Grilled Tacos

Is any celebration even complete without tacos?? To give them a festive touch, there is turkey and luscious golden peach chutney. And cheese. I know right, tempting already!

It is remarkably simple to make, and with a little bit of prior preparation of the chutney, the tacos will be ready to go in no time.

For the turkey, feel free to go with either cold cuts or roasted breast. If not Brie, pick any soft mild cheese. Needless to say, turkey Brie and peach grilled tacos are a deadly combo for Halloween!


As a lover of all drinks warm and restorative, I have recently become obsessed with Mexican Atoles. Who knew a drink with corn could soothe my tired mind and body after a fully exhaustive day. Atoles are perfect as the traditional Halloween drink, and the champurrado, is by far, my personal best.

Made from water, milk, masa harina, and chocolate, this delectable version of atole will be loved by all. You can use any dark chocolate you prefer but do opt for brown sugar to give it the sweet notes. Some earthy spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise give the concoction the added bit of heat.

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