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Enter a World of Candy with Candytopia: Houston's Candy-Themed Playplace and Art Installation

Enter a World of Candy with Candytopia: Houston’s Candy-Themed Playplace and Art Installation

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What if the entire world was candy? Candytopia brings the world of candy to an interactive art installation and play place ripe with gorgeous photo opportunities. 

The rainbow-themed Candytopia is located inside CITYCENTRE.

The vibrant interactive museum from Houston is returning and much better than before. At H-Town, Candytopia is back and better than ever in its new CITYCENTRE location.

This mixed-use site is no stranger to bringing in entertaining artworks, and its newest feature amps up the whimsy. A secret sweet world has sprung to life inside the never-ending selection of shops and eateries at CITYCENTRE. A deliciously wonderful sweet paradise lies just beyond Candytopia's intimidating walls.
Returning guests will remember some old favorites, but Candytopia has changed into a growing kaleidoscopic wonderland. This is a brand-new interactive art environment.

Welcome to Candytopia

Where enormous sweet floss structures combine with enticing twisted taffy. You've come to the perfect location if you've ever fantasized of eating your way through Candyland or getting a Golden Ticket.
Discover our expansive haven of sweet delight and experience a singular complete sensory journey into a fantastical fantasy. This interactive art installation has over a dozen different landscapes, like a marshmallow tsunami and flying unicorn pigs. It celebrates the brilliant colors and flavors of your favorite sugar-coated treats.

Visitors are given a behind-the-scenes peek at the delights in this new Candytopia, whether they want to browse around the sweet library, stroll through the beautiful forest, or take a plunge under the sea. A plaque detailing statistics, such as the number of sweets and hours required to construct each project, is placed next to many of them. Each creature was painstakingly crafted in a singularly delicious media, ranging in size from a tiny snail to a larger-than-life fire-breathing dragon.

Candytopia is a fun indoor escape during Texas summertime. It's a location where you may enter a fantasy universe where everything is candy-sweet. since the material is used in everything.

For children aged 4 to 12 and adults, Candytopia tickets cost $20 and $28, respectively. Every day at 10 am, it opens, and the final admittance is at 8:30 pm. Click here for additional details on the world of candy-coated pop-ups.


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